Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cruising Mexico

Chillin in the pool....Emma feeling better here.

Drinks in Zihuantenjo.

Water slide on the ship.

Zihuantenejo fishing boats.

Our cruise was tons of fun. We all boarded the ship with some type of illness. Julianna a cough, Victoria and Emma a fever, Matthew a "tickle" in his throat. So when Emma puked at 2am the first night, I chalked it up to a bug. The puking, accompanied by a fever, continued off and on for a few days when suddenly (after catching her puke in a napkin at breakfast) I thought..."um, maybe she's seasick?" we were given some kids Dramamine (by a very nice guy at the table next to us), and she was better within an hour. Well, at least we think she was better. The Dramamine pretty much put her in a coma. I felt like a horrible mother, letting her suffer all week just thinking that she had the flu. Lesson learned......don't forget the Dramamine! Despite all the obstacles it really was lots of fun, the girls had a blast with all the kids activities, and mommy actually got to sit and read 2 whole books. It is always good to be home and on land though. Every now and then I still feel the boat sway beneath me!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Photo Shoot

Julianna has been signed (whatever that means) with a modeling agency. They asked me for some more pictures, and mommy had lots of fun!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Paci Love

Two is much better than one.

Emma loves her paci's. What is better than one paci? Two! Yes she is cute, even with the drool. Yes she needs a bang trim.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

Can you guess which pumpkin is Emma's?

"Monster" cheerleader and a pirate.

Butterfly princess.

We started with a practice run at our neighbor's house and down to see grandma and grandpa (our street is lame for trick-or-treating), then we were off to the Scotts for a party and real trick-or-treating. The kids got more full size candy bars than last year, which thrilled them, of course!

Wet Day

She was shivering while eating her dippin dots.

She looked like ET.

The first time around was ok, the second time.....she was done!

In my many adventures of going to Magic Mtn as a teeanger, it was always hot....even in November. Our plans were to spend all day Sat, spend the night in a nearby campground and then drive home Sunday afternoon. Instead, it POURED. It THUNDERED. It POURED some more. We were so unprepared in our shorts and flip flops. We never rode a single ride, except for Thomas the Train! By 4:00 we were freezing, the rides were still not running and we were done. We were told that we could get a refund online...yeah!