Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Some recent photo shoots.
Meet little miss Peyton. The easiest toddler I have done yet! She is a smiley, happy girl!

Meet baby Mya. A new cousin added to the family. Precious!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This is Summer

As I turned on the dryer last night for the second time that day, filled with wet towels and bathing suits, I thought to myself, this is summer. When you use your bathing suits and towels faster than you can actually wash them. When you go through sunscreen like it is water, and the sand in your car is tolerable until next week. It's planning a party on a Thursday just because you can, it's staying in your jammies till noon. It means The Del Mar Fair, camping, and staying at friends way too late. Summer means Slurpees and Otter Pops and plums from our tree. It means warm evenings and dinners in the backyard. It's chlorine, and the beach, and sunscreen. I smell it in my girls' hair when I brush it, I smell it in the bathroom where the wet towels hang, I smell it in the car and in the garage and think......this is summer.

The Fair (trip number 1).

Camping Yosemite.

Pool fun!

More fun at the Fair (Trip #2)