Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here I am, It is Thursday morning, my older girls are in school, Emma is watching a Barbie movie (those are kind of creepy) and I am deciding that my blog needs attention. So here is a list of things that are cluttering my congested mind.

  • Potty training Emma, this is the third attempt.
  • Working with Julianna on her schoolwork. Kinder for half a day is worthless.
  • Laundry, laundry, laundry....I think it grows and multiplies by itself.
  • My ticket. It makes me ill when I think about how expensive it is.
  • Disneyland expires next month. If we do the "give a day" thing we can use towards renewal, but then there is that dang ticket to pay for!
  • I have another photography gig this month. I love taking pictures, but I always get so nervous the weeks leading up to it. I know I just need to have more confidence in myself.
  • The grocery game is getting fun. $170 worth of groceries at Vons this week for $110....not too shabby.
  • How do we teach our girls the importance of selflessness? They have a playroom full of toys and lack for nothing. It is one of my biggest fears, raising selfish children.
  • I actually read the World Vision magazine that I get every month and it made me cry. I think that we forget the poverty and sadness in the world as we live our cushy little lives. To think that there are 7 and 8 year olds raising their younger siblings, living in straw huts and eating one small potato per day. Sometimes I feel like we are simply not doing enough.
  • I often think about adoption. Matthew isn't sold on the deal, so I will pray.
  • We are going to Israel in May with the Coffman's, and a 2 day stop in NYC. It will be an amazing trip with great friends.
I told you it was cluttered......but I feel better now.