Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Emma (but she told me she wanted to stay 4 forever)

Today my Emma turns 5. I think I say this every year, and for every kid, but sheesh I wish time would slow down a bit. From the moment she could form sentences she has made us laugh, so in honor of her special day, here are some of the best........

"I don't like Dora anymore, it's for babies and its ridiculous that I'm even watching it."

"I have a tooting problem today Julianna, you wanna hear it?"

"What are you fricken talking about Victoria?"

"Well like I always say, girls rule and boys drool."

"I love you mommy, and daddy too, but not sissies.....not today."

"I want a license so I can drive places and get ice cream whenever I want of course."

"Mommy I am seriously getting worried because I need my nails painted. They look awful."

"I don't want to get old and be a mommy, I want to stay 4 forever."

"Just suck it Victoria."

"People love to look at me, because I'm cute."

"Guess what? I just tooted."

"Mommy, your hair is a mess today."

"Oh geez are we done? Cuz I'm over this store."

"Stay off my bed because I don't want your butt juice on it Julianna."

"Mommy, do you know that video killed the radio star?"

"It's ridiculous to the think the real Santa would be at my school. Plus this guy had a fake beard, weird boots and bad breath."

"Hey mom, I was invited to a party and I just have to go because all my friends will be there and if you say no, you'll be mean."

"Mommy, you brush your teeth with toothpaste, not a bottle of Jack."

"Ok, I can be quiet, but not for too long because I am only 4.

"Oh snap, I just bammed you Victoria."

Emma 10 mos

Emma 2 yrs

Emma 3 yrs

Emma 4 yrs

Happy birthday, we love you Ems!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is This Really Happening?

I should have never gotten out of bed this morning. I knew it the moment I opened my eyes and felt that "good morning to you too headache." I knew it when I almost put Nutella on a turkey sandwich and spilled half the water while making my coffee. It was a day riddled with "is this really happening?" A day that I could not make up if I wanted to. Let me explain. I watch two little girls, two days a week. The 3 year old we will call "G". The 20 month old we will call "Els" (so to prevent embarrassment from any future suitors). Most days with these two go off without a hitch, throw in a few butt wipes and some fight prevention and it's a day. Well, that was not the case for this day. Let's start with G. She naps in a pull up. Today she pooped in said pull up. G is potty trained. So I asked her what happened. G said, "I was awake, but didn't want to get up and use the potty." Hey, we've all had those days, who am I to judge? I simply clean up the mess, including G's "poopy buns", per her request. Now it's Els turn. Els is not potty trained, but is in a taking off her diaper phase, which is usually averted by making sure she has pants on. Els has now moved to a taking off her pants phase. After nap (or at least I hope it was after nap and the child did not sleep in her own filth), Els decides to use her mad clothing/diaper removal skills and have some paint time in her playpen. If you are an easy gagger, you may want to skip to the end. So I throw Els in the tub, clean the poopy child off (it was even on her nose), all the while listening to Emma gag in the corner and just hoping there is not another bodily fluid to clean up. Emma manages to keep it together and as I get Els dressed I gather up the "painted" laundry (including Olivia the pig and 2 baby dolls) and as I head to the washer, the decimated diaper falls out of the bundle and lands open on the kitchen tile. Hey, at least it wasn't the carpet right?! Now the kids are clean (and so is the tub), the laundry is in and I can sit down for five mins, or maybe get a glass of water. I'm sitting, I'm sipping (and imagining it's wine)......1 minute, 2...."mommy, poo poo!" Which means Emma the princess is on the toilet and needs her butt wiped. Wow, is this really happening? 3 minutes later Julianna says..."mommy I think Els is stinky." Well why wouldn't she be??? Oh and she also already has her pants off! Thank goodness I got to her before the diaper removal. PHEW! After a quick change, daddy comes to get them, and I can't get the wine poured into my glass fast enough. Two sips later, I start dinner for my girls. It's some boxed fettuccine noodle crap (organic and all natural I may add). Perhaps at this point I should have realized I had no food in my stomach. One glass of wine later, the organic and all natural fettuccine crap has boiled over and spilled its entire contents onto the stove. Oh look, something else to clean up. As I stand over my stove trying to salvage dinner and fighting the tears, I decide, as any rational person would, to order pizza. My decision is met with cheers from the crowd, or maybe it was just my kids, wine on an empty stomach remember! In the 20 minutes that we wait for the pizza I also manage to knock over my wine glass (don't worry none was wasted, it was empty) and break it. Oh look, something else for me to clean up. I then leave my older two at home and Em's and I walk to the deli to get the pizza. Now don't go freaking out on me people, the deli is 1 block away, we have a big scary watch dog, probably live in the safest neighborhood ever, and I locked the doors. Anyways, we are almost to the deli and I trip, fall, land in the dirt, on my face. I manage to get up and dust myself off before Em's notices. Which is a good thing, cuz she laughs hysterically when people fall (she gets that from me). We return home to the cheering crowd, dish up our food, and Victoria tells me she wants to try the organic and all natural fettuccine crap which I just let keep cooking, while I was cleaning up the broken wine glass and waiting for the deli pizza. So I grab a bowl for my daughter and on it's way down from the high cabinet (yes high, I am 5'2), I smack myself in the head with it. At this point it is clear that I am done. I don't know what else could possibly go wrong. I finish dinner, cautiously and put the girls to bed, carefully. I guess now I should push enter before we lose power or the computer blows up, but first another glass of wine!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Some recent photo shoots.
Meet little miss Peyton. The easiest toddler I have done yet! She is a smiley, happy girl!

Meet baby Mya. A new cousin added to the family. Precious!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This is Summer

As I turned on the dryer last night for the second time that day, filled with wet towels and bathing suits, I thought to myself, this is summer. When you use your bathing suits and towels faster than you can actually wash them. When you go through sunscreen like it is water, and the sand in your car is tolerable until next week. It's planning a party on a Thursday just because you can, it's staying in your jammies till noon. It means The Del Mar Fair, camping, and staying at friends way too late. Summer means Slurpees and Otter Pops and plums from our tree. It means warm evenings and dinners in the backyard. It's chlorine, and the beach, and sunscreen. I smell it in my girls' hair when I brush it, I smell it in the bathroom where the wet towels hang, I smell it in the car and in the garage and think......this is summer.

The Fair (trip number 1).

Camping Yosemite.

Pool fun!

More fun at the Fair (Trip #2)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tattoos and Thoughts

Ok, ok, sheesh. I need to blog, say my 5 followers. It's not that I don't have anything to say, I'm just not sure how much of my thoughts I should say, out loud. So instead I will resort to my "ten thoughts/facts on Tuesday" that I haven't done in awhile.....

  • I recently turned 34, I don't like that number. 33 just seemed more fun to say (and remember).
  • I think good friends are a gift to be cherished.
  • I can't handle selfish people.
  • I love photography but get nervous when booking clients.
  • Last week I called the county on a barking dog behind us. That is something I remember my parents doing. Crap, I am old.
  • I neglect my third child. Well, not really....but I can recall a time when my kids had to have a bath every night. Now, a trip to the pool and some spray on conditioner in the morning will do just fine. In my defense, she has curly hair that looks way better when you don't brush it. Unless of course it has become sort of dreadlock-ish, but that was only in Maui and I blame the sand and saltwater!
  • I am a bit of a neat freak. I blame my mother. I can see that Victoria is well on her way to being one also. What have I done?
  • I had a dream the other night that I drove my car into someone else's car, "Fried Green Tomatoes" style. Yes, I did it on purpose and the person will remain nameless. It was really fun.
  • I want another tattoo. I just have to get my hubs to agree.......

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She Dances

She is a dancer. I see it in her posture, and in her hands. Her toes pointed, her feet turned out. She twirls through the kitchen, she leaps through the living room. She is graceful, she is serious. She practices, she leads her class, she stands out. She dreams, she imagines, she loves. She dances.

Monday, April 18, 2011

It Starts with a Bang People

I told myself that I was gonna start blogging again, but apparently I suck. So here I sit on our first official day of Spring Break and I am feeling beyond lazy. I blame the weather really. I mean how do we go from 80 degrees, sunny and gorgeous all week/weekend, to this crap? Ugh.

Today, I was awakened from my slumber at 8:00 am to clouds, a puking dog and a blaring car alarm. My only comment being, why do people have car alarms? Does any common bystander upon hearing a car alarm, even glance in its direction or much less think, hmmm "I better go see if someone is stealing my neighbors car, and do something about it?!" After my delicious cup off coffee, and a DVR'd Oprah (she only has 29 shows left people), I enjoyed a bowl of Pops and perused my treasured coupons. To which I discovered a little something about myself. I have become a coupon whore. If it is not on sale or almost free, then I can go without. I actually caught myself contemplating going through my neighbors recycling bin because, just maybe, they had a neat little stack of the Sunday circulars sitting right there on top? I might need an intervention soon. I can hear my girls upstairs, and their giggles. They are still in their jammies, and watching new favorite movie by the way.

The dogs are snoring, my feet are freezing and tummy is growling, and what do ya know, it is lunchtime already. I don't feel like going to the store, but am not sure we can survive till Wed (when we leave for camping) on creamer and a box of Cheerios. My children are still smelling of chlorine and soccer from the weekend, but running a bath for Emma, because she HATES showers, sounds like a lot of effort. I can smell and almost taste Maui it is so close. This too I blame for my laziness. It is merely vacationitis.

So to wrap things up, we are 4 hours into Spring Break, are all in our jammies, I have sent Emma to her room five times for screaming like a Teradactyl, and have threatened my oldest with a bathroom cleaning. I have however enriched my soul by watching Oprah and discovering my obsession for coupons. I shutter to think what the rest of the day may bring.....