Monday, March 22, 2010

Say Cheese

These were taken by my friend Jaime (well maybe her hubby John too), and I had to post them. We found an old train station in Del Mar while the four of us were enjoying a walk on the beach, and it made for some cool backgrounds. Thanks guys for the pics, and for the new lens as well!! Can't wait to try it out in Israel!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Princess Tooter Pants

Today my baby turns 3! My little Emma. The one who makes me laugh more than once a day, and can give the best stink eye ever. Her personality is all her own, as is the territory in being the third born I think. She adores her sissies, well when they aren't making her mad (as she puts it), and is definitely a mommy's girl. She wants to be a big girl but is still holding onto the baby, but I really don't mind. She loves princesses and pirates, but not Buzz because "that's for boys." Her giggles melt my heart and her Teradactyl screams pierce my ears. She is my everyday joy, the light in the backseat that asks for the "Taylor Swift cd" in the car. She thinks it hilarious to toot at the dinner table simply for a laugh, and then declare that she is "Princess Tooter Pants". Happy birthday my love, my Princess Tooter Pants!