Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my dad turns 57! Don't worry though, because 50 is the new 30, or so goes the rumor. Even though I am all grown up I sometimes still see him as the guy in the picture below.....loving his music and his long hair. I can remember a time in high school when I had to describe my dad and who he was, and it went a little something like this....."My dad is a mellow guy and never quick to anger (unless mom brings home a puppy without asking). He is a perfectionist in all he does, from music to a simple grocery list. He is selfless. He forgives those that do wrong against him, even when they don't ask for it. He loves surfing, music and sparkling water."

There are only a handful of times in my life when I can remember my dad angry or sad, instead, he always seemed to be smiling and laughing. I remember watching him cry when my little brother got sick, and being scared at what that truly meant. I remember him getting angry when his Les Paul guitar was stolen. I remember him coaching my softball team and taking me to the batting cages. I remember countless Padres games, always getting there early for autographs. I remember him teaching me to drive a stick, and looking frustrated in that seat next to me. I remember him singing at my wedding a special song that he wrote. I remember him being there when Victoria was born.

I love you dad, and happy birthday!

Most of my memories are of my dad singing.

Dad, me and mom (gotta love that hair).

Riding Thunder Mountain.

Not just a dad anymore, but a papa.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kid Moments

The girls with Brodie......looking for cloud animals.

Sliding together.

80's baby!

What cares (as Victoria says) that school has begun, summer is still in full swing here in SD. And nothing screams summer more than hanging with good friends. So I thought I would post a few shots of the kids with their best bud Brodie, and of course one of Emma with her shades on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daddy's Words

I stumbled upon this video today and it made me cry. Matthew has been doing "words" with the girls ever since they could talk. We hope by telling them these few words and having them repeat them, then they just might believe it as they grow up (some may call it brainwashing). They both love it and always ask to do "words", and over the years these words have certainly changed ("go Chargers" always applies for football season). We have already seen the results with Victoria this year. After a few days in first grade I asked her what her favorite subject was. She quickly said, "well math of course, because I love it!" Now we like to think that it was all because of daddy's words, since really up to this point in life she had never done much math to come to such a decision. Perhaps the "I love math and I love science" had something to do with it?!!

I love how Julianna gets so into it, especially during the "strong" part. She is a little over 2 here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Things

Since I woke up in a fabulous mood, I decided to list some of the simple things in life that make me happy.

  • Waking up to a clean house, down to the last load of laundry being done.
  • A delicious cereal that I discovered at Trader Joe's, sometimes that can be hit and miss.
  • Matthew taking Victoria to a "daddy" breakfast at her school, I love how he loves his girls.
  • That my girls love the movie Annie about as much as I do.
  • That my girls are healthy and thriving, and a gift from the Lord.
  • I love our neighborhood we live in, it is pretty, safe and has that small town feel.
  • It is Friday, and I get 2 whole days with my hubby.
  • I don't have to wash any sheets today...Emma's plastic pants worked...yeah.
  • I am not THAT sick. Only one nostril is stuffed up, and the sore throat has moved on.
  • Walking in my new master bathroom....I just love it.
  • A good book.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Chargers and Tattoos

Not sure how I went from having a Charger party to getting a tattoo, but here is the result. I have wanted for awhile to add to the existing flower on my foot. So I decided on a plumeria with some "swirly swirls" (as my artist put it). He also re-colored some parts of the old one, and filled in a line that has been missing since I first got it. I blame it all on Lindsay, since she was getting an old one covered, and I just couldn't let her go through all that pain alone. Bad hurt like heck (actually much more than that). Good note...side of the foot not AS bad as the top.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Look ma, no training wheels!

It began with tears of frustration......
But soon enough, she was doing it all by herself.
Meanwhile Julianna was giving me her most serious "please can I have candy" face....

Well the day finally arrived, Victoria decided she wanted to try taking off those training wheels. We had suggested it before, but she would always declare that she wasn't yet ready. So today was the day. She started with help from us both, but out of frustration decided that she didn't want our help (cuz we were doing it wrong). So, she cried and she fell, and eventually figured it out herself.....and I will admit that I was kind of shocked, but oh so proud. I smile when I think back on the day that I learned to ride my pink banana seat bike w/o training wheels while my uncle Tim cheered me on. I remember that he told me he wouldn't let me fall, and so I peddled and he let go, and I didn't fall. Just as I look back on that day with fondness, I hope that she will too, someday.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Charger Girls

We are big Charger fans here in the Veling house, and the season is upon us. I just had to get a shot of them all in their jersey's, especially since it is Emma's first one. Every Sunday is "Charger shirt day", and win or lose we say........GO CHARGERS!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sleepy Girl

Poor baby. Emma was battling a fever all day yesterday. I discovered her asleep on the floor, with her lovey (raggy), and she just looked so cute. This was the first clue that she wasn't feeling good, since she is never still enough to fall asleep like this. She seems better today, no fever at least. I don't know what it was that could bring on such a high fever, it was 104 at times. I always think that teething is involved (since she only has 4 and 1/2 teeth), or sickness will soon follow. We shall see?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Madness and Scrapping

This is what happens when my sister comes over, and all six of the kids are playing with everything in sight, so we can do some scrapbooking. I thought that the mess needed to be documented. It looked like a tornado touched down!

Some of the finished pages....well worth the mess.......I think.