Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Here was my day.........

Wake up at 7:15 to get the bathroom ready for the floor install. Spend the morning cleaning the yard and patio (man there was a lot of crap). Bathe Stella and Tyson. Spend 2 hours at the pool with the girls and our neighbors, a fabulous break. Head out to Target to get some MORE stuff for our bathroom. Come home to clean the counters in the bathroom (which took 3 full cleanings), cabinets and sinks....demolition is messy. Help my poor hubby remove our old nasty faucets in prep for the new ones (yay). Try to whip something up for dinner at 8:00pm...."wow, is it that late already?" I am tired, but Matthew is still up there fighting the faucet, I hope he wins. And we all know being a mom doesn't stop because I want to finish the bathroom before Sat. The interruptions were constant, with band-aid applications, lunch, snacks, diaper changes.... "what, Emma pooped through her diaper?"

But we are indeed making progress. After the girls went to bed, we worked till 10:00. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. Scraping the grout off of the tub and the cabinets and the grime off the sinks (where the old faucets were). It is starting to look done, and to end the evening we used our new shower for the first time....yeah! Good news: the guy installing the floors charged half of what we thought it would be. Bad news: the shutters for the window don't fit over the new tile......welcome to home improvement!

I will soon post the before and after pictures. First I have to paint the cabinets, and the walls and remove some more hideous wallpaper......ugh.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Until Tomorrow

So I recently found out that a friend (roommate) from Bible College, left her Christian faith and joined another and it rocks me to the core. We have been friends with her and her husband before they were married, and have visited them in many of their moves around CA (he's in the Army). It is no surprise that their marriage is not going to work. Two religions in the same house...kinda hard. Anyways, I am blogging about this because it saddens me. As a Christian the world is already against us....but together, we are stronger. And now I feel like we have lost yet another of our own. It seems as though I am a witness to too many believers turning away lately. I am trying my best not to dwell on it, for it just adds to the few things that are threatening to depress me.....lingering there, just waiting to be acknowledged. In writing it all down, I can let it go a bit, until tomorrow at least!
And now we are off to go camping (again). To enjoy a wonderful weekend with my hubby and my girls.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just Another Sunday

So I generally try not to have depressing blogs, or use it as a forum/soapbox, but I am feeling kinda blah today. Maybe if I list the things that are floating around my head and making me feel blah, then the blah will go away?

  • I am so very tired of people that say they will be at your house to do work but NEVER show up or call. It makes me physically angry.
  • I hate removing wallpaper. It is the most time consuming and dreadful project ever. I would rather paint (which I am also not fond of, but will do.)
  • It is totally ridiculous that it costs over $100 a week to fill up our car.
  • It is even more ridiculous that eating good, organic food costs more than processed, pesticide filled foods. Really?
  • It makes me cringe to see Christians that rant and rave about what they know nothing about.
  • Divorce is a terrible, evil thing, that can destroy the best families. It is all consuming, like fire.
  • I wonder what my aunt Lucy would do if we ran into each other, I wonder why I think of her everyday.

Now I am just depressing myself, I must stop.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ice Cream and Flippin

Emma's first ice cream cone (she is shocked that I let her hold it).

Shoving the whole thing in.....

and the aftermath!

Victoria flipping on the bungee.

Booga just bouncing.

Even More Tahoe

We found this gorgeous meadow on our bike ride.

Julianna chillin with daddy's hat.

Got Dirt?

Shouldn't she know better?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Dog's Love

We have a Lab/Rot mix named Tyson that we have had since we got married. He is our "firstborn" and will be 10 this year. Well, he has gotten rather grumpy over the years (ever since we started having kids actually). But we love him in spite of his mood swings. He growls at the girls and makes sure that he is always feet away from them, to which they have nicknamed him "growly gus."
Tyson's favorite thing to do when we leave is to collect our clothes and place them in a nice little pile at the top of the stairs. He doesn't chew them, but just collects them. We call it his "love pile," and the person who's clothes are chosen must be his favorite for that day. Usually it consists of my socks or CLEAN panties, but when he thinks we are away for too long, his true love shows in his selection. This pile had a carefully selected item from each person in the house.....even the girls, all the way down to Emma. In order for him to make this collection he had to go into different baskets in the girls room and in our room. I picture his big head foraging for that perfect sock or perfect pair of panties, and it makes me smile. I guess he does love us after all! Don't worry, they are all clean (he actually prefers them that way, strange for a dog).


Our cruise with friends and NO KIDS was fabulous. Our first stop was San Diego....haha, then off to Catalina, with our last stop in Ensenada. Hard to believe that this was Matthew and I's first time to Catalina and we would definitely go back and stay for a few days. Totally cute, and you almost feel like you are in another country at times. Ensenada was, well....Mexico. We have been there before, so we spent this trip drinking and eating the most delish fish tacos ever. Or maybe I just thought they were good? Who can really tell after such a huge Margarita??
Our time on the ship was spent lounging, napping, drinking and eating more than I ever thought possible. We learned a new term on the ship....."cruise-full," and that we were. In fact once we got home I had a very strange feeling in my stomach, it took me awhile to was hunger. Hadn't felt that in 5 days!!


Huge Margarita

Four of us in Catalina

Catalina View

Chillin by the Pool

Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Tahoe Pics

Some more pictures of our trip.....I just love these of the girls in the grass.

Lake Tahoe

Our trip to Tahoe was fabulous (although I am glad to be home in my own bed and away from the dirt). Emma was filthy most of the time, I hardly recognized my own child! Camping with kids is tiring to say the least......thank goodness we are off on our cruise tomorrow morning, with no kids...yay!

Playing on the beach.

Our favorite meadow with Mt. Tallac in the background.

I just loved this was screaming, "take my picture!"