Friday, May 29, 2009

Love These, Must Post.

Booga on Easter, just being precious.

The putting contest....she was serious (notice the index finger).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby

Her hair was so dark....crazy.

Today my baby girl turned 7! A number that sounds entirely too big for my liking. I can remember her arrival into the world like it was yesterday. Nobody forgets the birth of that first child. Especially after 24 hours of labor, ending in a c-section.

I was all worth it of course, she is a joy and we love watching her grow and learn. Happy birthday baby!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Girl and Her Bug

Saying her final goodbyes.

Recently Victoria found a new pet, a fuzzy caterpillar that she named "Caddy". She kept Caddy alive in her little bug house for over a week, but decided that she should probably let Caddy go (with much prodding from mommy) so she could turn into a butterfly (or moth) in peace. Victoria would hold Caddy for hours, and let her crawl all over the table (eww), and she even took her to school to share her. Yesterday was the day, time for Caddy to be set free....and with no tears, but a quick "have a good life Caddy", she let her go. Victoria has never been a big bug lover, so this all needed to be documented!

Firetrucks and Helicopters

Those helmets are so heavy, that I had to hold it on!

Our local fire house (which is 2 blocks away) had their annual open house and BBQ. It started with a helicopter landing that nearly blew us all away, and ended with hamburgers and hot dogs cooked by the firemen. It is something the girls look forward to every year, and they always have fun.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Got Puke?

Emma has a bit of a bug. Started with just a fever (first picture), but soon came upon us with projectile force. She managed to spew all over everything, including me. She looked so pathetic, that I had to take just a few pictures......wouldn't every mother?!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Funny Girl

I think Emma is funnier than your average 2 year old. She makes us all laugh on a daily basis. Here she is "hiding" in the couch. She hides there and then calls her sisters to come find her. So, I wanted to document some of my favorites to date:

  • Mommy, wook at this! (look)
  • Futterby (butterfly)
  • Pinkerbell (Tinkerbell)
  • I wove daddy (love)
  • Mommy, I see pider (spider)
  • Mommy, where raff? (giraffe)
  • Mommy, I toot (followed by belly laughs)
  • Emma burp
  • Where raggi-pie? (a combo of raggy and paci)
  • Juce please mommy (pronounced with a silent j, for juice)
  • Li-la (Little Ann, our dog)
  • Go Chargers (which she says quite clearly)
  • Ewww, disgusting
  • I coming sissies
  • Mommy, nana do it
  • Mommy, tora do it
  • Tora (Victoria)
  • Nana (Julianna)
  • Mommy, I peeping, ssshhhh (sleeping)
  • Mommy, I pinning (swimming)
  • Emma Hungy (hungry)
  • Ahhh, cute efent (elephant, and she always thinks they are cute)
  • Baby one (in her animal sets.....the baby of the species)