Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I recently took pictures of my dear friend Michelle and her little man, Xavier. He kills me with his cuteness! I got my workout with him for sure, as he found it hilarious to run away from the camera. Here are just some of my favorites, although it was hard to pick!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Writings From Second Grade

As the end of the school year approaches, the school projects start trickling might be my favorite part. From art projects to writing, it is all so fun to see what my girls come up with throughout the year. Here are just a few from Victoria that I just have to post, written just as she wrote even made me cry (big shocker).

"I Have A Dream" January, 2010

Dear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,

I am writing to you because I would like to talk with you and you are our hero. I just want you to know that I love you and your dream has come true. I think that you are wonderful and amazing. I hope that I will never forget about you. I truly wish everybody remembers your words and you were alive.

Your friend, Victoria

"All About Me"

My name is Victoria and I am in second grade. My favorite color is blue and I love to eat pizza. I like to be artistic, and sing and paint, and be a Veternarian and animals. Without a doubt I am one pretty student!

"Dear Mommy"

I just want you to know that I love you and that you're very special to me. You make me feel loved and special. Remember, that you're the best mom ever and that you will be in my heart forever and that I will always be your little angel.

Love, Victoria

"The Importance of Ice Cream"

The important thing about ice cream is that you can eat it. And it is cold and its sweet. It comes in shapes. You can buy them at the store. But the most important thing about ice cream is that you can eat it.

"Jalapeno Bagels"

I think jalapeno bagels are really delicious. They look yummy and interesting. They smell like fresh bread and cheesy pizza. They taste fantastic and yummy. Jalapeno bagels feel bumpy and squishy. Without a doubt, I love jalapeno bagels.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Halfway to 16

How did this happen so fast? How can she be 8 years old already? People have always told me to treasure every moment, because time flies. Well this year that became truth for me as I realized that my daughter is halfway to 16! It freaked me out to say the least, and after a small anxiety attack I had to just deal with it I guess.....unless someone has a time machine, or better yet, one that stops time? Then I also thought about what a joy the past 8 years have been, and how I wouldn't trade them for anything. Watching her grow and mature, seeing her learn and explore life. She is kind and caring to others, and never ceases to stand up for those that are being picked on. She is confident, creative, and loves to make us laugh. This year she has excelled in her reading and writing. She is the best speller in her class, getting 100% on every spelling test. She loves vacations, riding her scooter and swimming. Going to church, the beach and watching iCarly. She is our joy, and our light.......happy 8th birthday Victoria Paige!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Gizmo the Pug

Meet Gizmo, our new Pug. It is wonderful to have a Pug in the house again, for I am a Pug lover. I love their wrinkly faces and curly tails, their snorts and snores, but especially their personalities. They way they tilt their heads at the sound of something they don't quite understand. Ever since we suddenly lost our Pug Stella a little over a year ago, I have wanted another Pug. I would peruse the Pug rescue sites, even local breeders, and none ever felt quite right. I had worked so hard on Stella.....from potty training, to manners, and just as she was becoming that perfect dog, she died. A part of me was still angry about it, as it seemed all that work was for nothing. So, I wasn't sure I wanted another puppy. I was being picky, and probably a bit ridiculous. Couldn't I just find a black one that was like a year old and already potty trained? Then just like that, an email came (from my sis-in-law), with a picture of a black pug who just turned one in December and needed a home. Oh and the kicker.....he was free and potty trained! After a few days of pondering, we went for hubby indeed loves me, and Gizmo is adjusting quite well. In the short 20 hours that we have had him, he has attached himself to Matthew and me, and is still trying to figure out the kids. After all, they are loud and move fast, and there are 3 of them for heaven's sake! He joined me in the shower this morning and seemed to enjoy the warm water, so I grabbed the kid's shampoo and seized that opportunity. As I write this he is laying on my feet, on his back, snoring......and hopefully dreaming of his new family.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Say Cheese

These were taken by my friend Jaime (well maybe her hubby John too), and I had to post them. We found an old train station in Del Mar while the four of us were enjoying a walk on the beach, and it made for some cool backgrounds. Thanks guys for the pics, and for the new lens as well!! Can't wait to try it out in Israel!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Princess Tooter Pants

Today my baby turns 3! My little Emma. The one who makes me laugh more than once a day, and can give the best stink eye ever. Her personality is all her own, as is the territory in being the third born I think. She adores her sissies, well when they aren't making her mad (as she puts it), and is definitely a mommy's girl. She wants to be a big girl but is still holding onto the baby, but I really don't mind. She loves princesses and pirates, but not Buzz because "that's for boys." Her giggles melt my heart and her Teradactyl screams pierce my ears. She is my everyday joy, the light in the backseat that asks for the "Taylor Swift cd" in the car. She thinks it hilarious to toot at the dinner table simply for a laugh, and then declare that she is "Princess Tooter Pants". Happy birthday my love, my Princess Tooter Pants!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here I am, It is Thursday morning, my older girls are in school, Emma is watching a Barbie movie (those are kind of creepy) and I am deciding that my blog needs attention. So here is a list of things that are cluttering my congested mind.

  • Potty training Emma, this is the third attempt.
  • Working with Julianna on her schoolwork. Kinder for half a day is worthless.
  • Laundry, laundry, laundry....I think it grows and multiplies by itself.
  • My ticket. It makes me ill when I think about how expensive it is.
  • Disneyland expires next month. If we do the "give a day" thing we can use towards renewal, but then there is that dang ticket to pay for!
  • I have another photography gig this month. I love taking pictures, but I always get so nervous the weeks leading up to it. I know I just need to have more confidence in myself.
  • The grocery game is getting fun. $170 worth of groceries at Vons this week for $110....not too shabby.
  • How do we teach our girls the importance of selflessness? They have a playroom full of toys and lack for nothing. It is one of my biggest fears, raising selfish children.
  • I actually read the World Vision magazine that I get every month and it made me cry. I think that we forget the poverty and sadness in the world as we live our cushy little lives. To think that there are 7 and 8 year olds raising their younger siblings, living in straw huts and eating one small potato per day. Sometimes I feel like we are simply not doing enough.
  • I often think about adoption. Matthew isn't sold on the deal, so I will pray.
  • We are going to Israel in May with the Coffman's, and a 2 day stop in NYC. It will be an amazing trip with great friends.
I told you it was cluttered......but I feel better now.