Thursday, May 20, 2010

Halfway to 16

How did this happen so fast? How can she be 8 years old already? People have always told me to treasure every moment, because time flies. Well this year that became truth for me as I realized that my daughter is halfway to 16! It freaked me out to say the least, and after a small anxiety attack I had to just deal with it I guess.....unless someone has a time machine, or better yet, one that stops time? Then I also thought about what a joy the past 8 years have been, and how I wouldn't trade them for anything. Watching her grow and mature, seeing her learn and explore life. She is kind and caring to others, and never ceases to stand up for those that are being picked on. She is confident, creative, and loves to make us laugh. This year she has excelled in her reading and writing. She is the best speller in her class, getting 100% on every spelling test. She loves vacations, riding her scooter and swimming. Going to church, the beach and watching iCarly. She is our joy, and our light.......happy 8th birthday Victoria Paige!