Monday, March 31, 2008

Why Did I not Discover This Sooner?

Genius invention......the pizza cutter! Amazing for cutting the following items:

  • Pizza (not sure if I needed to point this one out)
  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Bananas
  • PB&J sandwiches
  • Grilled cheese
  • Quesadillas

More to follow.

Although I must give credit, where due. I first learned to venture outside of pizza cutting alone when watching my favorite show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, and seeing them cut up 14 (2 per kid) pancakes in record time.

One Bad Day

I am going to try and best describe my day. I could very well lose my mind by the time it is over. Let me begin with mentioning that my hubby is a last minute kinda guy (you gotta love him for it, Lord knows I do). Anyways, he is currently on his way to New Jersey for work, but this story begins well before all that. He was being picked up at 12:45, so at 11:00 we (he) decides that it's time to get something notarized, go to the store for travel sized toiletries for his carry-on, and still make it home in time to finish packing. We manage to get it all done and he runs out the door with minutes to spare. Jump forward to 2pm.....time to pick up Victoria from school. But where is the key to the car? After searching for a few minutes I get a sinking feeling. This feeling tells me that it is in Matthew's pocket (not the first occurance). I make the call, already knowing the answer...crap! At this point you are thinking..."why only one car key?" Not sure, it is what we were given and have never gotten around to making another one, serves us right. Where was I? Okay, I am rushed now, minutes are ticking, my daughter is soon to be one of those poor kids that has to wait in the office because their lamo mothers can't manage to get there on time. We have another car (sentra), but it is too small for all 3 kids......Matthew's mom comes down to wait with the other 2, I fly out the door, am halfway down the street and see that there is NO gas. And when I say NO gas, I mean fumes. At this point I have no time to stop and get gas (plus have realized that I forgot my wallet). I flip around, race home and borrow my mother-in-laws car. I get to her school just in time, perhaps things are looking up? Nope. There is no booster seat. But seriously, she is almost 6, I think she can sit without one for a quick ride home. We arrive home safely (even without her booster) and am determined to get a key made for my car (I mean I cannot be without a car, and be at the mercy of someone else for 5 days, seriously). I call locksmiths for 10 minutes and get various prices, nothing under $150. Now that is an expensive key. I finally call the dealer (brilliant, I know), and they tell me to bring in my registration and ID and they can have one in minutes for a mere $15. Let me now explain the next steps in list format:

Step 1.....Drop off kids at mom-in-laws, it is 3:20 (and she has to leave her house for a doc appt at 4:30)
Step 2.....Get gas in the Sentra, sounds easy enough. Not so, when the tankers are dropping off gas, the line is a mile long, and-of course-the card reader doesn't work at the pump I choose which means I go inside and pay (this does not go fast thanks to the super speedy clerks).
Step 3......Get to the Chevy place, then realize it is actually the GM place, ("yes mam, I realize this is where you bought your vehicle, but you need to go the Chevy dealer.") and I need to go across the street.
Step 4.......Go across the street only to be told the computers are down and won't be up till tomorrow-maybe. I tell them that I just called and was wondering why no one managed to tell me that the computers were down. They answer with "not sure."

Well I am "not sure" what else could possibly go wrong today. I was waiting to get a ticket on the way home, or maybe get struck by lightening. So, here I sit at 4:50 on a Monday.....and absolutely nothing has been accomplished. I still have no car key, the laundry never got finished, the breakfast dishes are still in the sink, and come to think of it, I am not sure that I even fed Emma lunch. Dios Mio, is it Tuesday yet?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stella the Pug Pug

Just in case you were sick of hearing about my kids all the time, let me spice it up today with a blog about Stella, our pug. I never thought myself to become one of those "people" that had small dogs, took them places and even dressed them in clothes. However, I must admit that somehow that all changed when we got Stella. I am now convinced that small dogs rock. And since we already have two LARGE dogs, I have done the comparisons. Everything that comes in and goes out of big dogs, is well, BIG. There is no lap sitting, or cuddling from them either (unless you want the air squeezed from your lungs). But Stella is a different story. She adores her human family and lives to sit on anyone's lap (as opposed to Tyson, our lab, who gets grumpy at 7pm). She is upset when the girls go to school and even more upset when Emma cries. She loves car rides, giving kisses, the lovesac, and thinks all stuffed animals belong to her. I have heard it said that once you go pug, you never go back........and I would have to agree.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A few shots of Emma not liking the grass, then deciding maybe it's okay, then enjoying a flower that she stuck between her toes.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Time

A Pretty day in Hidden Meadows

This Easter weekend was exceptionally nice. The weather was gorgeous, and the girls had fun decorating eggs, hunting for more, and eating lots of candy. It was a relaxing few days as Matthew recovered from an um "procedure" (snip snip) and we found entertaining things to do around the house. Our cute little community had an egg hunt on Saturday, which the girls loved (except maybe Emma who just spent her time trying to steal her sisters eggs). I tried my best to soak up every moment of 3 little girls in dresses, without a care in the world, looking for their eggs.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So I have recently found myself with some "issues". I suppose that we all have them. But there are times when everything seems to collide. Perhaps writing them down will make me feel a bit better? Perhaps. Life is full of family and full of friends, both which fade away fast. I guess that it is inevitable, since we live in a fallen world. My instinct is to reach out and cling to them, but neither are interested, and one is really not worthy of it. It may be harsh of me to say, but so true. That being said, I almost mourn for the times that we shared, memories are all that I have, and they do make me smile, but at the same time make me sad.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Emma turns one!

We celebrated my baby's first birthday yesterday......I seriously have a hard time with the fact that she is already one! She enjoyed eating the bows while big sister opened all her presents, and she loved her birthday cupcake. It was a fun day, and her favorite gifts were the books, and her big comfy chair (where she reads her books).

Happy first birthday my baby Emma.

A rat named Lena

I am posting this in memory of Lena.....a much loved rat. She was Victoria's first pet, and an awesome one at that. She was loved by all of us (even the dogs). We will miss her hiding food in the kitchen drawer, spilling my water in search of ice cubes, watching me cook in hope of a small morsel, and sitting on us just to get some scratchin. Her favorite place to sit was on Matthew's feet, this drove him mad mostly, except for her last days......when he made an exception. The girls "know" that she is in heaven.....maybe sitting on Jesus' feet?!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lake Arrowhead

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Home Again

We are home after a fun few days in Big Bear. The girls managed to have fun despite feeling a bit under the weather (of course a cold managed to appear just in time). Stella too enjoyed her first vacation with us, and her BFF Bruce. It was a relaxing time spent playing games, watching movies and being "touristy." We took the girls sledding and they had fun after some initial fears from Julianna. Not sure how much fun Matthew and I had since them sitting on our laps in an inner-tube sliding down an ice mountain resulted in our butts (in jeans) scraping the whole way down. Wet jeans + icy wind=two cold asses.

On our way home we stopped in Lake Arrowhead and were flooded with memories. Hard to believe that 12 years later there we were with our three girls in the same place that we lived as a dating couple. My how time flies. We became those parents that were telling our girls that "this is where mommy and daddy lived before you were born". They pretended to be interested with eyes glazed over....hee hee. Regardless, it was a fab trip down memory lane!