Friday, July 17, 2009

Regular Days

Yesterday was a regular day. All the regular stuff that is not worth mentioning, because it would bore you. Yet there was something not so regular about it. It was a night that started with a trip to urgent care with Victoria. Now every mother out there knows that any great ailment that afflicts your child never occurs within normal business hours, when a simple and fast trip to the doctor is possible. So, after big crocodile tears and a little googling (I knew it was swimmer's ear), I cave and make the dreaded trip to urgent care. And can you even believe that we were seen and sent out the door, prescription in hand, in 25 minutes? It might actually be a world record. Next stop, the pharmacy (which all only have 1 employee working the line of 45 people). Needless to say we had to wait. Here is the funny thing about this was fun. Victoria and I strolled around the store, looked at all the silly things that CVS sells. Where else can you get some Croc knock-offs and a souvenir San Diego t-shirt in neon green? As we walked, we talked. One on one with my 7 year old. She asked questions, some which were hard to answer (and that occurred in the feminine product aisle), and some that were just plain funny. I asked her if it was ok with her when people told her she looks like me, and the pride in her smile said it all. On our way home we each enjoyed a Reese's (the cups), which she said she deserved for being a good patient. We sang along to the radio, and she told me that I sang better than Hannah Montana!

I sit here now and realize that someday she will roll her eyes when she is told she looks like me. Someday she won't think that being at CVS at 8pm is fun. Someday she won't ask me questions, because she will know everything. Someday mom singing in the car will just be ridiculous. Last night I was reminded to cherish my girls, and our regular days together.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girly Girls

Had to document Victoria's new haircut, she just looks too grown up. And it was a good excuse to take pictures......during which they were begging to go to the pool and be done already.