Monday, April 26, 2010

Gizmo the Pug

Meet Gizmo, our new Pug. It is wonderful to have a Pug in the house again, for I am a Pug lover. I love their wrinkly faces and curly tails, their snorts and snores, but especially their personalities. They way they tilt their heads at the sound of something they don't quite understand. Ever since we suddenly lost our Pug Stella a little over a year ago, I have wanted another Pug. I would peruse the Pug rescue sites, even local breeders, and none ever felt quite right. I had worked so hard on Stella.....from potty training, to manners, and just as she was becoming that perfect dog, she died. A part of me was still angry about it, as it seemed all that work was for nothing. So, I wasn't sure I wanted another puppy. I was being picky, and probably a bit ridiculous. Couldn't I just find a black one that was like a year old and already potty trained? Then just like that, an email came (from my sis-in-law), with a picture of a black pug who just turned one in December and needed a home. Oh and the kicker.....he was free and potty trained! After a few days of pondering, we went for hubby indeed loves me, and Gizmo is adjusting quite well. In the short 20 hours that we have had him, he has attached himself to Matthew and me, and is still trying to figure out the kids. After all, they are loud and move fast, and there are 3 of them for heaven's sake! He joined me in the shower this morning and seemed to enjoy the warm water, so I grabbed the kid's shampoo and seized that opportunity. As I write this he is laying on my feet, on his back, snoring......and hopefully dreaming of his new family.