Monday, April 18, 2011

It Starts with a Bang People

I told myself that I was gonna start blogging again, but apparently I suck. So here I sit on our first official day of Spring Break and I am feeling beyond lazy. I blame the weather really. I mean how do we go from 80 degrees, sunny and gorgeous all week/weekend, to this crap? Ugh.

Today, I was awakened from my slumber at 8:00 am to clouds, a puking dog and a blaring car alarm. My only comment being, why do people have car alarms? Does any common bystander upon hearing a car alarm, even glance in its direction or much less think, hmmm "I better go see if someone is stealing my neighbors car, and do something about it?!" After my delicious cup off coffee, and a DVR'd Oprah (she only has 29 shows left people), I enjoyed a bowl of Pops and perused my treasured coupons. To which I discovered a little something about myself. I have become a coupon whore. If it is not on sale or almost free, then I can go without. I actually caught myself contemplating going through my neighbors recycling bin because, just maybe, they had a neat little stack of the Sunday circulars sitting right there on top? I might need an intervention soon. I can hear my girls upstairs, and their giggles. They are still in their jammies, and watching new favorite movie by the way.

The dogs are snoring, my feet are freezing and tummy is growling, and what do ya know, it is lunchtime already. I don't feel like going to the store, but am not sure we can survive till Wed (when we leave for camping) on creamer and a box of Cheerios. My children are still smelling of chlorine and soccer from the weekend, but running a bath for Emma, because she HATES showers, sounds like a lot of effort. I can smell and almost taste Maui it is so close. This too I blame for my laziness. It is merely vacationitis.

So to wrap things up, we are 4 hours into Spring Break, are all in our jammies, I have sent Emma to her room five times for screaming like a Teradactyl, and have threatened my oldest with a bathroom cleaning. I have however enriched my soul by watching Oprah and discovering my obsession for coupons. I shutter to think what the rest of the day may bring.....


Anonymous said...

How can you be lazy with Muse on your playlist...I was dancing around reading your lazy blog...btw it's your awesome sister who cannot take the effort to sign in to her account to post on your blog