Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Emma (but she told me she wanted to stay 4 forever)

Today my Emma turns 5. I think I say this every year, and for every kid, but sheesh I wish time would slow down a bit. From the moment she could form sentences she has made us laugh, so in honor of her special day, here are some of the best........

"I don't like Dora anymore, it's for babies and its ridiculous that I'm even watching it."

"I have a tooting problem today Julianna, you wanna hear it?"

"What are you fricken talking about Victoria?"

"Well like I always say, girls rule and boys drool."

"I love you mommy, and daddy too, but not sissies.....not today."

"I want a license so I can drive places and get ice cream whenever I want of course."

"Mommy I am seriously getting worried because I need my nails painted. They look awful."

"I don't want to get old and be a mommy, I want to stay 4 forever."

"Just suck it Victoria."

"People love to look at me, because I'm cute."

"Guess what? I just tooted."

"Mommy, your hair is a mess today."

"Oh geez are we done? Cuz I'm over this store."

"Stay off my bed because I don't want your butt juice on it Julianna."

"Mommy, do you know that video killed the radio star?"

"It's ridiculous to the think the real Santa would be at my school. Plus this guy had a fake beard, weird boots and bad breath."

"Hey mom, I was invited to a party and I just have to go because all my friends will be there and if you say no, you'll be mean."

"Mommy, you brush your teeth with toothpaste, not a bottle of Jack."

"Ok, I can be quiet, but not for too long because I am only 4.

"Oh snap, I just bammed you Victoria."

Emma 10 mos

Emma 2 yrs

Emma 3 yrs

Emma 4 yrs

Happy birthday, we love you Ems!